[Juser] Re: A way to remotely close a session ?

Geobert QUACH geobert.quach at axlog.fr
Thu Oct 16 02:31:46 CDT 2003

Mercredi 15 Octobre 2003 22:58, Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> Geobert QUACH wrote:
> > I'd like to know if there is a way to shutdown an existing session from
> > another session of the same user.
> >
> > Sometimes I forget to close my client at work. I know the priorities
> > solve the concurrent session issue but if I forgot my work client
> > before a week end, I'll lose all my messages while my home client is
> > not up.
> This happens to me from time to time too.. i solved the problem by
> setting priorities in my clients, home (if you keep it logged off
> mostly) gets a higher priority, this way when you are online from home,
> the messages get always sent to you.
> Also, you can drop the other connection by colliding it, for this you
> need to set your work connection not to reconnect. Now you just log in
> with the same resource as from work from home and disconnect and relogin
> with the proper resource. This way you get to drop the other connection
> by causing an error ;)
> if you read between the lines, i don't know a good way to do it.. ;)
> Regards, Sami

thank you very much ! the colliding solution seems to suit me best :)



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