[Juser] Re: File sending

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Sun Oct 26 09:57:41 CST 2003

Stone wrote:
>      I am a really new user to Jabber, and was initially looking for an 
> all in one program along the lines of Trillian, except that Trillian 
> doesn’t like my computer or visa versa. My question is though… how do 
> you send files on Jabber? Any help in this would be appreciated. Thank you.

This all depends on the client, with jabber you are not restricted to 
use just one client, which brings quite a few advantages against other 
services (and quite a few disadvantages) so it depends on your client if 
it's even capable of sending files.

There are other disadvantages to jabber, concerning file transfers, when 
it comes to the transports, the transports are rarely able to translate 
the file transfer requests to the underlying protocol.

If i haven't scared you away from jabber yet, i recommend you look for a 
client that fits you best, some people don't need file transfers nor do 
they need some other features. I know it takes a while to find the 
client that is just right for you, and do remember that jabber 
developers are usually pretty easy to convince in to adding a new 
feature, if one asks nicely and possibly offers to buy a beer if they 
happen to live nearby..

Oh well, i strayed from the original topic once again... I meant to ask, 
which client are you using?

Regards, Sami

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