[Juser] Pb with my connection

Pierre THIERRY pierre.thierry at moine-fou.org
Sun Oct 26 20:02:36 CST 2003

> Since yesterday, I am not able to log in. [...] I suppose, it is due
> to a bad disconnection from Exodus (I have killed the application).

I have exactly the same problem since today. I had to kill Psi, and
since then all connection attempts, even with other Jabber clients, get
an 'Unauthorized' error:

<iq type="set" id="aac6a" to="jabber.org" >
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:auth" >

<iq type="error" id="aac6a" >
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:auth" >
<digest sid="1093262247" >ff25d6f474ed794c65addab4293ea9fe3d8075e4</digest>
<error code="401" >Unauthorized</error>

I have the same error, using clear text and digested password. I
verified my password, I think the problem is coming from this dirty
quit, triggering something on the server side...

If in the meantime, someone found a solution, I'm also interested...

le Moine Fou
pierre.thierry at moine-fou.org
OpenPGP 0xD9D50D8A
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