[Juser] Re: MSN gateways and security-related messages

Steve Cavilia stuuf133t at cox.net
Fri Sep 5 16:02:40 CDT 2003

Considering MS's general hatred of any OSS...

Christopher Granade wrote:

> mark wrote:
>> The articles state that they have an objection to allowing for profit 
>> third party clients to connect to their network.  MS never says 
>> explicitly that just because a client or gateway server is free they 
>> will work with the software engineers in order to implement 
>> compatibility.  In fact since they explicitly DON'T say that I infer 
>> that they will not work with jabber.org, gaim, etc...
>> mark
>> On Tuesday 02 September 2003 19:52, Ken Wermann wrote:
>>> Interesting, however it states that the licensing fee is charged to 
>>> those
>>> clients that "make a profit from selling their product to connect to the
>>> MSN Network". So Jabber.ORG's server model should probably be exempt 
>>> from
>>> licensing. Now I know that MS does not like Open Source but I can see 
>>> them
>>> letting access become enabled for the open source Jabber Server. Has 
>>> anyone
>>> contacted them?
> Considering MS's tactics, I'd be very surprised if they would let us do 
> that without them filing suit...

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