[Juser] Jabber port/firewall

Campano, Troy Troy.Campano at LibertyMutual.com
Tue Sep 9 07:04:19 CDT 2003

I'm trying to set up Jabber at home behind my netgear firewall/router.

I've forwarded ports 5222 and 5269 to my linux box.
I can telnet to my host on those ports can there are servers available
there so I'm getting through the firewall.

When I try to register a new account on my *external* host name it
doesn't work, but when I try to do this on the *internal* host name it
does work.
Are there other ports other than these two that I need to open to get
Jabber to work with my firewall/router?

Thank you!

~ Troy Campano ~
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