[Juser] Re: Searching for a reliable Yahoo transport

Terry Frazier juser at terryfrazier.com
Fri Apr 2 22:59:09 CST 2004


On Friday, April 02, 2004, Jesper wrote:
> The one running at JabberNet.dk is not stable, but I test it every 5
> minutes and restart it automagically when it stops working. 

> I have no idea why, but it's sure the most unreliable of the transports. 
  Much thanks for this. Although I have been using Jabber for several
  months I have only just begun exploring gateways as a way to have a
  single chat app on my mobile device. Today I spent several hours
  trying to find working gateways by searching servers listed at
  jabber.org. I didn't have any luck at all.

  But thankfully I checked the juser list and saw your post. Thanks to
  jabbernet.dk I successfully registered for all three of the legacy
  systems that I use.

  Excellent! Thanks again.

-- twf

Terry Frazier
Atlanta, GA
mailto:juser at terryfrazier.com

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