[Juser] Re: jabbernet.dk down?

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Mon Apr 26 15:09:51 CDT 2004

I gmane.network.jabber.user, skrev Phil Reynolds:
>  I have noticed that:
>  (a) my connection to Yahoo has frozen
>  (b) a friend is connecting only to Jabber, and not to AIM, MSN or Yahoo
>  ... and all of these depend on jabbernet.dk, which I cannot browse,
>  either.
>  Is jabbernet.dk likely to be down for a long period or will it be back
>  soon?

It failed to come up after a kernel upgrade.. so I had to get someone to
powercycle it. 

It's up and running again now.

./Jesper Krogh, jesper at krogh.cc
Jabber ID: jesper at jabbernet.dk

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