[Juser] accented username + jabber.org + ssl...does it work?

gabor farkas gabor at z10n.net
Mon Aug 9 11:09:59 CDT 2004


i've registered gábor at jabber.org (for non-utf8 people:
ga'bor at jabber.org, where <a'> is one character).

it works fine.

but then i tried to connect to jabber.org using SSL. and it failed.
i also have a non-accented account on jabber.org, and that one works
fine with SSL.

i also tried an accented account on amessage.info with SSL. that also
worked ok.

so it seems for me that it is jabber.org that has problems with
non-ascii jabber usernames + SSL.

does anyone else have this problem?


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