[Juser] Client Models

Jim Flowers jflowers at ezo.net
Tue Aug 24 10:22:21 CDT 2004

Setting up a jabberd server (jabberd sm 2.0s3) and looking at clients.  Most 
users will be Windows so I first configured exodus (, then looked at 
gaim (0.81).

It appears that there are two (at least) different models used for IM.  The 
first, typical of Yahoo! Messenger terminates the connection on Send.  The 
second, more like AOL IM opens a one-to-one chat dialog for back and forth 
messaging until one or the other closes the connection.

Exodus seems to be oriented towards the send-and-close model while Gaim opens 
a chat window, even on a jabberd server.

Is this correct or am I missing something in the configuration?

While I'm here does anyone having lots of Windows users have a preference as 
to client or words of advice?  

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