[Juser] Kopete Jabber/msn problem

Gonzales, S gonzales_speedy at fastmail.fm
Sun Dec 12 15:57:39 CST 2004


I'm using Kopete (on suse 9.1), and want (icq, msn) to change to jabber,
so i created a jabber account, 
connected to the icq gateway (went fine),
connected to the msn gateway (trouble starts),
it connects fine, but then directly starts asking me to (authorize, deny,
cancel) my msn-friends, 
i've tried it several times, but everytime to process hangs (or seems to
hang, i've been very patient), X doenst respond anymore, ive got about 25
popups of msn-users requests, so i have to restart X and start over again.

am i correct that this process of authorizing people (msn gateway) only has
to done once? and then its fine for all jabber clients?
is is possible to auto-authorize all those people, so skipping this step and
getting jabber(/msn) to work in some way? or ..?

suggestions? i dont find any solutions on google

when i just use kopete/msn/icq everything works fine.
(gaim/jabber doenst work either)


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