[Juser] ANNOUNCE: Pandion 2.1

Sebastiaan Deckers cbas at pandion.be
Wed Dec 15 08:27:21 CST 2004

Dries Staelens and Sebastiaan Deckers are pleased to announce the 
release of the Pandion instant messaging client version 2.1.

Pandion is an easy to use Jabber client.  Pandion 2.1 has been in beta 
for many months but thanks to the help of many volunteers it is now 
stable and ready to be used by everyone.

Pandion 2.1 can be downloaded here:

Version 2.1 contains many improvements for Jabber users:
+ Customized backgrounds for conversations and conferences
+ Import AIM contacts from *.blt files
+ Select translation from Tools menu
+ Clicking on an emoticon turn it into text
+ Connect to transports on any other server
+ Browse chatrooms on any other server
+ Filter-as-you-type in the chatroom browser
+ Confirmation when closing multiple tabs to avoid accidental closing
+ Confirmation when closing a tab where a message has just been received 
to avoid accidental ignoring of messages

For the complete changelog visit the Pandion website.

Archive of the announcement:

Happy Jabbering!


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