[Juser] Jabber questions, invisible, status, transports

silence at kolibrie.rolahola.tudelft.nl silence at kolibrie.rolahola.tudelft.nl
Fri Feb 13 06:28:45 CST 2004


I have been using Jabber for quite some years now, with great pleasure I
must say. But during that time three things keep surprising me. I
searched the web to find answers but in vain. I hope that they aren't
stupid questions and that maybe somebody can answer them for me. Thanks
in advance. My questions are :

- Why (with every client I used so far) do my transports disconnect when
  ever I change to invisible mode???? As far as I know transports also
  support invisibility. So when changing the client to invis, the
  transports that support invis could also change to invis. Or am I
  wrong? Is this a transport, server or client problem? Am I doing
  something wrong?

- Also with every client I tried, I am unable to see status messages
  like away messages of Icq users. Furthermore those same Icq users are
  unable to see my away messages. As far as I know the transport
  supports it. But It does not work for me.
- When ever I connect with two jabber clients to a server using the same
  account the transports of the client already connected get
  disconnected. Why is that, the transports run on the jabber server and
  when ever I connect to a server with multiple clients, the clients
  could share the transports. Okay I agree the routing of the messages
  to the jabber clients could become somewhat more difficult. But
  sharing of transports would be not that difficult. Or am I wrong?
I hope somebody could shine some light on these mathers.
Greetings Jeroen

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