[Juser] Client for the disabled?

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Sun Jan 11 14:23:51 CST 2004

Does anyone know of a client that is guided towards the disabled? A 
client that has been designed to work with braille terminals or other aids?

Currently i don't know of any such client. I've gone through pretty much 
all console clients. I know that there are tools like gnopernicus to 
allow using gnome clients, but i still feel that console clients are 
better suited.

What i'm looking for is a simplistic client which pays attention to the 
cursor position, which pays attention to screen layout for readability, 
which pays attention to audible alerts and other accessibility features.

Has anyone been thinking about this, or am i alone with my thoughts.

I think i could be able to convince quite a few users to use jabber if 
there were clients that allowed disabled people to use them. As far as i 
know there aren't too many other clients (for other IM systems) that 
address this issue, so there is a demand for this.

Regards, Sami

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