[Juser] Multi-user Windows client

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Sun Jan 11 19:28:08 CST 2004

can anyone suggest a good freeware / open source Windows Jabber client
which correctly supports multi-user environments like Win2000 and XP?

This means that it should save its settings in a folder inside the user's
personal folder, or inside the current user registry key.

I tried Miranda, Psi, neos, Exodus, but they all had some problems when
more users accessed the same PC, or when the same user accessed its own
profile on two different PCs - not simultaneously (using roaming profiles
on a domain network). Maybe Exodus was fine in this regard but had
something else which I didn't quite like, can't remember now.

I'm now using JAJC and it seems to work fine (exception made for the fact
that the installer doesn't install the Start menu shorcuts in the All
Users folder, but this is a very common error, alas).
Anyway other suggestions are welcome, thanks.


..."Outside", David Bowie 1995

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