[Juser] Client for the disabled?

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Sun Jan 11 15:22:44 CST 2004

Well ... enigma3 had a FreeTTS plugin, when activated e3 read every text 
aloud. However the graphical user interface is not consolish in any way.


Sami Haahtinen wrote:

> Does anyone know of a client that is guided towards the disabled? A 
> client that has been designed to work with braille terminals or other 
> aids?
> Currently i don't know of any such client. I've gone through pretty 
> much all console clients. I know that there are tools like gnopernicus 
> to allow using gnome clients, but i still feel that console clients 
> are better suited.
> What i'm looking for is a simplistic client which pays attention to 
> the cursor position, which pays attention to screen layout for 
> readability, which pays attention to audible alerts and other 
> accessibility features.
> Has anyone been thinking about this, or am i alone with my thoughts.
> I think i could be able to convince quite a few users to use jabber if 
> there were clients that allowed disabled people to use them. As far as 
> i know there aren't too many other clients (for other IM systems) that 
> address this issue, so there is a demand for this.
> Regards, Sami
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