[Juser] Re: Multi-user Windows client

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Tue Jan 13 18:50:24 CST 2004


Take a look at Rhymbox (www.rhymbox.com).  It's free, though I'm not 
sure about the open-source.  It relies on IE's engine, however, and much 
of it is built using JScript and HTML files, which you can easily 
modify.  It saves user settings in %SystemDrive%\Documents and 
Settings\<username>\Application Data\, which would work nicely for a 
multi-user setup.  Also, it allows for multiple accounts/profiles to be 
configured per user, though I believe you can only log into one account 
at a time.

It's not for everyone (I find different apps work best depending on your 
criteria), but it's one possibility.

Marco De Vitis wrote:

> Hello,
> can anyone suggest a good freeware / open source Windows Jabber client
> which correctly supports multi-user environments like Win2000 and XP?
> This means that it should save its settings in a folder inside the user's
> personal folder, or inside the current user registry key.
> I tried Miranda, Psi, neos, Exodus, but they all had some problems when
> more users accessed the same PC, or when the same user accessed its own
> profile on two different PCs - not simultaneously (using roaming profiles
> on a domain network). Maybe Exodus was fine in this regard but had
> something else which I didn't quite like, can't remember now.
> I'm now using JAJC and it seems to work fine (exception made for the fact
> that the installer doesn't install the Start menu shorcuts in the All
> Users folder, but this is a very common error, alas).
> Anyway other suggestions are welcome, thanks.

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