[Juser] Re: Multi-user Windows client

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Sun Jan 18 09:41:59 CST 2004

Il 16/01/2004, alle ore 18:32, Ken Wermann ha scritto:

> I would stay with JAJC as it is pretty quick. To solve the icon problem I

Thanks. Indeed, I think I'll stay with JAJC. The icon in the Start menu is
not a big problem, just an annoyance, I already fixed that manually.

Thanks to another user who answered privately I now know that also Miranda
(the first client I tried, because it's probably the lightest) can be used
in a multiuser environment, but my users already got accustomed to JAJC's
many features and to the "message" style (versus "chat"), so I'll not
upset them by switching back.


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