[Juser] Gabber 2: 1.9.3 Preview Release

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Fri Jan 23 22:19:43 CST 2004

You guys should know the drill by now. Yes, we now have message queuing 
back. Gabber 1 users can rejoice.

Gabber 2. Gtk/Gnome 2 Jabber client using JabberOO (the library used in 
Gabber 1).


2003-01-22 Gabber 1.9.3
         * Ability to edit vCard (My Information)
         * Messages will await opening when away, busy, or xa
         * Option to make messages always await opening (queue, pending)
         * Docklet to display queued messages
         * Connection Settings are accessible while logged in
         * Fixed bug with contact list pixmaps updating
         * Implemented autoconnect

Be sure to check out our user forums: 

Gabber 2 requires libsigc++ 1.2, gtkmm 2.0, gconfmm 2.0, and libglademm 
2.0. freshrpms.net has these dependencies for Red Hat/Fedora users.

Gabber 2 *CANNOT* be installed simultaneously with Gabber 1. The second
you type 'make install' you are overwriting your Gabber 1 binary. If
you wish to 'make install' Gabber 2, then be kind to your system and
uninstall Gabber 1 first (otherwise you'll have a lot of useless files
lying around). Should you choose not to 'make install' Gabber 2 (as
would be the wise thing to do, as it is far from a 2.0 still), Gabber 2
will run just fine as ./src/gabber from within the source directory.
Just be sure you 'make install-schemaDATA install-data-local' so that
Gabber's GConf data is properly installed.

Gabber 2 is available in JabberStudio CVS as modules 'jabberoo' and


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