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Owen, Andy RG AndyOwen at eu.spherion.com
Thu Jul 8 17:15:11 CDT 2004

Thanks Rene, I am now compiling a library of replies telling me that I need JUD and MUC! ;-) (feeling really silly now!). I did try users.sphim.com, to no avail so that's not there by default - users.jabber.org must be located on jabber.org's jud server.

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Owen, Andy RG wrote:
> I've asked this same question at jadmin at jabber.org, but got no reply ....
> I've read all the docs that I can find, both about Jabber and about Exodus, and have a working Jabber configuration up and running now.
> I am using Redhat 9 and Jabberd 2.0s3 (MYSQL 4.015 DB). I am running this as an entirely internal system at the moment, with no connection to external Jabberd servers...
> There are a few things I don't seem to be able to do from Exodus, that the documentation implies I should be able to do (oh, and I can do on the Jabber.org server)
> 1) Search for a contact - Exodus asks me to "select the user database or enter in the Jabber ID of the search agent to use:" Unfortunately I have no idea - nothing in the docs tells me this - or how to set one up in the first place.

Do you have the JUD (Jabber User Directory) installed on your server? Or 
you can just use users.jabber.org (IIRC JabberD comes configured for that)

> 2) Create a chatroom/conference - I click on join a chat room, choose my Room Server (in this case sphim.com), give it room name (jabber), don't set password, click finish.. Type anything in the entry box and I just get ERROR: in (what I assum to be) the chatroom.

DNS set up properly? You would usually use conference.sphim.com, 
muc.sphim.com, chat.sphim.com as the chatroom (MUC) server.

> Also is it possible to populate the JUD administratively - i.e. put users in there - when I create them, instead of getting users to do it manually...

You are using a MySQL database? I think this should be possible then.

> Hope someone can help!
> Argon0
> P.S. I'm sure I'm asking questions that've been answered previously - is there an online Forum where answers are kept?

Usually just ask on jadmin or jdev.

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