[Juser] Integrating Jabber into a website

Chris Vaught Chris at Car-Part.com
Tue Jul 13 10:10:48 CDT 2004

Greeting everyone,

I'm fairly new to Jabber and have some questions that I hope you all can 
answer.  I work for a company that is looking to use jabber to solve our 
needs of having instant client communication, and they are thus far 
convinced that Jabber is a much better way to go than ICQ, etc.  We have 
our own jabber server setup and running and are now looking into 
integrating jabber into our services.

Is there a document or thread somewhere detailing how to integrate 
jabber into a website, such as displaying the online presence of a user?

Is there an applet or some other type program/plugin that will allow a 
"random" visitor to a website to be able to communicate with a jabber 
user without having to download and install a client such as exodus?

I'm not sure if these are covered elsewhere.  I've done some checking 
around the 'net and jabber docs, but haven't really found anything yet. 
  I did run into edgar (edgar.netflint.net), but that's php and we're 
hoping for something more along the lines of cgi, javascript, etc.  Can 
any one point my in the right direction or provide some insight into 
this type of integration?  Thanks in advance.
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