[Juser] Re: Integrating Jabber into a website

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Wed Jul 14 23:48:28 CDT 2004

Hey Chris!

Not sure if this might be of interest, but there's JWChat:


It's an open-source, web-based Jabber client that uses JavaScript and 
HTML on the client side.  No need for users to install software per se. 
  Now they still need a JID as far as I know, but it's one possibility. 
  Also, since the source is available, might show how to use JavaScript 
to do basic Jabber/XMPP work.

There are plenty of other Jabber/XMPP projects that do various things 
like show presence on a webpage, etc.  Of course there's always Google, 
but I tend to check www.jabberstudio.org first when looking for 
solutions.  That's where many projects are hosted.

Chris Vaught wrote:

> Greeting everyone,
> I'm fairly new to Jabber and have some questions that I hope you all can 
> answer.  I work for a company that is looking to use jabber to solve our 
> needs of having instant client communication, and they are thus far 
> convinced that Jabber is a much better way to go than ICQ, etc.  We have 
> our own jabber server setup and running and are now looking into 
> integrating jabber into our services.
> Is there a document or thread somewhere detailing how to integrate 
> jabber into a website, such as displaying the online presence of a user?
> Is there an applet or some other type program/plugin that will allow a 
> "random" visitor to a website to be able to communicate with a jabber 
> user without having to download and install a client such as exodus?
> I'm not sure if these are covered elsewhere.  I've done some checking 
> around the 'net and jabber docs, but haven't really found anything yet. 
>  I did run into edgar (edgar.netflint.net), but that's php and we're 
> hoping for something more along the lines of cgi, javascript, etc.  Can 
> any one point my in the right direction or provide some insight into 
> this type of integration?  Thanks in advance.

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