[Juser] Non-English Jabber resources (was: Re: Docbook source Jabber User Guide)

Jochen Wolters jochen at polytropia.com
Fri Jul 16 06:43:48 CDT 2004

>> What language will you translate it into?
> I will make a Dutch translation.
> [...]
>> Sure, translation [of the Jabber User Guide] is encouraged!

To support Ben's efforts, I'd volunteer to translate the User Guide 
into German, if it doesn't exist already.

Problem is: it's difficult to find out _if_ that translation already 
exists or not, because there (apparently) is no central repository for 
non-English Jabber documentation.

E.g., although I could find a German translation of the Jabber FAQ 
(it's copyrighted 1999-2004, so it can't be that old), there don't seem 
to be any non-English docs on the Jabber.org site. And the German 
jabber.de site is definitely no help, either. If you have a look at it, 
you'll know what I mean.


It'd be great if there'd be _one_ central Jabber documentation website, 
including all, or at least most, localized versions of those docs. Or 
does that site already exist and I'm just too stupid to find it? ;)



"Our gut-level distaste for something new is less about our reaction to
  the thing in question than it is about our fears of abandoning the
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