[Juser] Non-English Jabber resources (was: Re: Docbook source Jabber User Guide)

Ben Branders ben.branders at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 07:06:05 CDT 2004

Jochen Wolters wrote:

> Problem is: it's difficult to find out _if_ that translation already 
> exists or not, because there (apparently) is no central repository for 
> non-English Jabber documentation.
> E.g., although I could find a German translation of the Jabber FAQ 
> (it's copyrighted 1999-2004, so it can't be that old), there don't seem 
> to be any non-English docs on the Jabber.org site. 

I was thinking about this too. I can translate it, but then what? I could
host it on my personal website (were probably no-one would find it).

As I was browsing through the JabberManual CVS[1], I noticed it is set up to
work with different languages (the first directory is 'en/' > English). It
is possible to translate all the documents in this directory (UserFAQ,
GeneralFAQ, Jabber User Guide, etc) and make 'nl/' and 'de/' directories. So
maybe JabberStudio can host the translations (only for these documents).

Jabber.org can then offer the different translations.
It is also possible to make a special system that looks in the browser
headers. If the headers say the user is German, then display the German
information only. If the headers  give English, then display English
together with a list of the other languages (because most people don't know
that they can adapt their browser language settings).

Of course, this only solves the problem for the translation of the documents
on Jabber.org. AFAIK, there isn't a central website where translators can
put translated documents...

[1]: http://www.jabberstudio.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/JabberManual/

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