[Juser] Need configuration Help!

MS opensrc_eng at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jul 30 01:48:57 CDT 2004

Hi list,
I am a newbie to this jabber.I am trying for jabber-yahoo transport.I am not getting any responses in list too.If anyone could clear this silly doubts and make it work,it'll be really a good help to me
I did the following change in my main jabber.xml
<service id="yahoolinker"> 
I am running yahoo as separate process.This is my yahoo-jabb.xml
    <service id="yahoolinker">
  <service id="yahoo.krishna">
    <config xmlns="jabber:config:yahoo">
        <NAME>Yahoo! IM Gateway</NAME>
      <instructions>Enter your YAHOO! Messenger Username and Password to registe r with the gateway.</instructions>
When i connect to exodus,i am able to login to yahoo.i am seeing all yahoo users.BUt when i start sending msgs..coredump occus in server.Also i noticed that it displays the ids as username at yahoo.krishna(which is given in my host value).
I know i am doing a basic configuration err.If someone point me to any guide/errors,it'll be useful.FYI:i am using HP-UX OS,jabber1.4.3,yahoo-transport-2.3.2,exodus

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