[Juser] voice button on linux clients

telecom guy telecomtom at vedatel.com
Mon Nov 29 05:54:27 CST 2004

greetings jabber;

I can't find a voice button. because maybe it's not supported on linux? 
I'd like to talk with people using the microphone and speakers in 
addition to text messaging with keyboard.

When I access my AIM account on a windows PC I can use the talk button, 
but gaim on linux doesn't have the voice feature. Is voice supported in 
jabber? I know some java, not an expert but I can usually get around in 
it. If there's a java clients that supports voice I'd like to use it but 
I havent' found. Any language even C I could use if there's a binary or 
a make file to compile sources.

-- TIA, TT

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