[Juser] Interconnection between jabber.org and amessage.be

Romain Vinot romain.vinot at akio-software.com
Tue Oct 5 09:13:19 CDT 2004


I have an account on jabber.org and a friend of mine has an account on 
amessage.be. Both are public servers.

A few years ago, I could communicate with him using our account. So the 
jabber server did the interconnection.

Since a few months, this is not possible anymore. I can not see him nor 
contact him. I have created a new account on amessage.be and I can then 
see him and chat with him when we are on the same server.

Is this the correct behavior ? Are public servers interconnected or not 
? I tried to find the answer on many help pages / Wiki / forum... The 
answer I could find is servers are typically interconnected. But 
obviously jabber.org and ameesage.be are not. Is this information 
viewable somewhere whan we have to choose a server to register ?

Thanks anyway for any answer I could have.


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