[Juser] Re: Interconnection between jabber.org and amessage.be

Miernik miernik at ctnet.pl
Mon Oct 25 17:16:06 CDT 2004

Matthias Wimmer <m at tthias.net> wrote:
> Michael Grigutsch schrieb am 2004-10-07 12:56:00:
>> I have regularly entry in my error.log:
>> [alert] (s2s): We were told by amessage.de that our sending name
>> rss-jab.i-pobox.net is invalid, either something went wrong on their
>> end, we tried using that name improperly, or dns does not resolve to us"
>> even though my DNS-record seems to be correct and the domain is reachable  
>> from every other site I testet.
> I just sent a message from mawis at amessage.be to i-pobox.net/echo and
> dumpted the network traffic. It seems that the problem is at your side.
> What happens is this:
> - amessage.be connects to i-pobox.net (1)
> - amessage.be sends stream header on (1)
> - i-pobox.net sends back stream header on (1)

Anything beeing done with it?
It still doesn't work, amessage.info <-> jabber.org can neither see each
other, nor message. 

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