[Juser] New Web-based Jabber Client avaliable now

Nick Parker nickp at bu.edu
Fri Apr 1 08:46:32 CST 2005

Unless the link has been cleverly hidden, it appears that B-Talk cannot 
be downloaded and run on your own server. Also, while B-Talk is free for 
the moment, their "Learn More" page has this:

"The current limited preview test is free of charge to those people who 
are invited to participate. Once the current preview test period is 
completed, and B-Talk is no longer a "beta", we may charge a 
subscription fee, but none of those details, including how much or for 
how long, have been decided yet."

In other words:

WebJabber: Free, Open source, freely downloadable for use on your own 

B-Talk: Not.

jones wrote:
> What's the difference between WebJabber and B-Talk (www.b-talk.com) ?
> Zhong Li wrote:
>>WebJabber.Net just released a new version web-based client,
>>http://www.webjabber.net. It is developed in Java on Servlet
>>container, such as Tomcat, Jserv,etc.
>>The application is open source, FYI. and right now implemented Roster,
>>Chat, MUC, File Transfer, Discovery, Gateway register and Headline.
>>Welcome comments and bugs report. Also we are seeking sponsor for
>>hosting the application, thank you all interest it and donate to it.
>>Today is April 1, but this isn't fool. It is real. 
>>Have a wonderful day.
>>WebJabber Team.
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