FW: [Juser] Error: ?You must enter a valid username. A connect requestwas made on an already connected socket.?

Burton, Jane (Boise) bjburton at hp.com
Thu Apr 14 09:19:46 CDT 2005


I am part of the 1% having the issue below.  Would you happen to have a
fix for this?

Thank you,


"Enter Valid Username" Update:
Error: ?You must enter a valid username. A connect request was made on
an already connected socket.?

Solution ? None at the time of writing.

Background ? This error is currently affecting less than 1% of all
users. The problem has not been positively identified but all
indications are that it is related to the new Digital Certificate that
was installed because the previous certificate expired. The Digital
Certificate is required to encrypt all communication between the client
and the server to ensure that we adhere to HP-IT Security policy. Jabber
Inc. has been engaged and is working with the Jabber team on
investigating options for resolving this. This situation has been put in
escalation due to its impact on a particular user group. 

Uninstalling and reinstalling your Jabber client will not improve your
connectivity chances any. A complete shutdown of the PC and restart
would be better but still may not resolve this error. (It is the most
harmless way we can attempt to release the socket.) We are currently
working on several possible workarounds but no one potential solution
has yielded positive results every time. As soon as we have a fix for
this error we will send out an updated memo and update this website.
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