[Juser] Re: s2s problems

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Fri Apr 15 09:56:01 CDT 2005

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Miernik wrote:
> I am on amessage.info and I also don't see a user of jabber.belnet.be
> ERROR: ...... at jabber.belnet.be says Server connect timeout while got the
> stream root: 2001:6a8:3c80::1:64: Connected (dialback result: no type
> attribute) / Connected(502).
> So it's probably a problem with jabber.belnet.be

Agreed.. The logs on jabber.org show this server hanging up on us:

[ERROR] - XMPPSoutTranscoder - onSocketError: host: jabber.belnet.be


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