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Tue Apr 26 22:00:15 CDT 2005

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> Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:03:19 -0400
> From: Hal Rottenberg <halr9000 at gmail.com>

Thanks for the response.
>>  Firstly, although we are both on-line according to our clients, we
>>  cannot see each other and messages don't reach other. Her jabber
>>  account is through jabber.cn. I also tried it using Psi as my client,
>>  but that didn't make any difference.
> In Proteus, you could try removing and then re-adding your friend.  In
> Psi, you might try the re-send and re-request authorization commands
> (right-click on her ID in your roster).

Last night we managed to get chatting through jabber working OK. Using 
Psi I set myself up with an account on jabber.cn, the server she uses, 
and got it working ... I think normally, but I am not sure about her 
roster! I know what I did, so I imagine I can get the other jabber 
accounts I had set up working too, or I might just close them. 
>>  Secondly, we were chatting last night. She was using the jabber
>>  transport to ICQ and I was connected directly to ICQ with Proteus. She
>>  sent me a message with three Chinese characters in it. The characters
> Have you tried the same thing over Jabber?  Could be a transport
> issue...  Has this worked in the past?  Is your friend also using
> Proteus?

Being Chinese, here in China, she is using a Windows box running a 
Chinese version of Windows, though I am not sure which one. On Psi, the 
chat header had her down as <name at jabber.cn/Just Another Jabber Client> 
if that gives any indication of what client software she is using. I 
have reset jabber under Proteus, so that it is now reading the jabber 
account which I got to work. This evening, we will see if I can chat to 
her directly in jabber using proteus, and will then be able to test 
what happens with Chinese.

But last night, before I started trying to get jabber to work, I had 
been chatting to her with me on MSN through Proteus and her using the 
Jabber-MSN transport ... no problem with Chinese. That suggests to me 
that the Chinese problem is with the jabber-ICQ transport. I noticed 
that jabber.cn is now using a new JIT transport rather than their 
previous one whatever it was. I can't remember if they put a date to 
the change, but this has been the first time I have ever had such a 
problem. Mind you, it is possible that this was the first time we used 
jabber-ICQ. I persuaded her to give jabber a try, as she was saying 
what a bore it was to have separate clients open to be able to chat to 
friends on MSN, ICQ and QQ. It is possible that all our previous chat 
sessions while she was connected through a jabber transport we were 
actually using MSN and therefore not aware of a problem with jabber-ICQ.

I also had a response on the Proteus forum from "Proton" one of the 
coders. He too thought it must be a transport problem.

jabber.com.cn apparently says that they have a transport to 
QQ--originally a Chinese ICQ-alike called OICQ. I must look into that, 
'cos if I could get that working that would be a real boon. Many 
Chinese friends only use QQ, but that has no Mac client--we Mac users 
are such an insignificant minority here!--so to be able to go through 
jabber would be great. But first I need to set up a QQ account.

Thanks for your help, Hal.

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