[Juser] Jabber user with Gaim

Ethan Koehler theethan77 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 14:11:52 CDT 2005

I told you al once, now the second time, take me off your list, I do not 
want these emails ever agian. I get at lest 2-10 a day, I don't read 
them, I don't use jabber, so take me off before I have to contact the 
leader of this.

Juan Carlos Erazo Montoya wrote:

>Hi all, i use Windows Gaim to connect my Linux Jabber Server. I have a
>little problem when add new Gaim users because i get an error says (Error
>404) Remote host not found. Someboyd knows what happen?
>Juan C. Erazo
>IT Director - CSA
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