[Juser] Use of jabber for web customer care

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Aug 3 12:05:39 CDT 2005

Roberto Jung Drebes wrote:

> I think one problem is (I may be wrong) the lack of documentation  about 
> interconnecting servers. For instance, I can google up many  howtos 
> about setting up individual servers, or even farming, but  can't find 
> anything about putting these servers to interoperate. I  keep hearing 
> about S25, but can't find what it is. I can't even find  (with a 
> superficial look, that's true) in the jabber.org web server.
> So even if people are deploying jabber, only "insiders" have the  
> knowledge about get it to work with other servers.

Well, this discussion list is for end users, not for server admins, so 
it's probably not the right place to discuss it. However....

At least with jabberd 1.x, ejabberd, and jabberd2, "s2s" (that is, 
server-to-server) pretty much works out of the box if you set up DNS and 
your server configuration correctly (which in my experience is not 
hard). Sometimes s2s can be a bit picky since servers essentially do a 
reverse DNS lookup to verify each other's identities, which is not 
something that's done in (say) email. So perhaps that's something system 
administrators are not familiar with, and that could be better documented.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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