[Juser] Use of jabber for web customer care

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Wed Aug 3 12:23:24 CDT 2005

Roberto Jung Drebes schrieb:

> On 03/08/2005, at 12:06, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> That said, it's true that some of the server codebases need help.  
>> Any suggestions (or patches!) you have for making that happen would  
>> be appreciated. :-)
> I think one problem is (I may be wrong) the lack of documentation  
> about interconnecting servers. For instance, I can google up many  
> howtos about setting up individual servers, or even farming, but  
> can't find anything about putting these servers to interoperate. I  
> keep hearing about S25, but can't find what it is. I can't even find  
> (with a superficial look, that's true) in the jabber.org web server.
> So even if people are deploying jabber, only "insiders" have the  
> knowledge about get it to work with other servers.
> Regards,
Propably a glossary on the wiki page can help in looking up common 
terms, like S2S. -  Like chatbot once had.


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