[Juser] Windows Messenger compatible client

Rene Bartosh kirjava at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 18:27:27 CDT 2005

Windows messenger can use SIP IIRC, so if you had a SIP<->XMPP gateway
then this may work.

Ask around on the JDEV/JADMIN list, I'm sure their is a commercial
product that supports both SIP and XMPP.



On 8/6/05, Williams, Kevin C <kevin.c.williams3 at boeing.com> wrote:
> I'm in an enterprise environment where the IM standard is "windows
> messenger" which connects to our exchange server.  This is NOT MSN
> Messenger.  Is there an effort to create a client that can speak to the
> exchange server?  If not, any information would be helpful.  I will
> attempt to start one.
> -Kevin
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