[Juser] Direct DNS failed

Parvez Ansari parvez at aranca.com
Fri Aug 26 00:27:43 CDT 2005

Thanks Peter.

I have setup the DNS server on my network. And hooray the problem has been
resolved for everyone but except for one user. He still gets the Direct DNS
failed... error message.

Looks like, it's a machine specific problem.

Any help.

Parvez Ansari

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>> When ever I start my exodus (ver, its give me following error
>> Direct DNS failed... Using server (Server_Name)
>> When I close this popup, then I can use exodus with no problems.
>> Can any one tell me why this happening.

This message should only show up in the debug window. Exodus is trying to do
DNS lookup for your server name to find the IP. This DNS is failing, so
falls back to letting the OS resolve the name to an IP. This will happen if
you're not using a DNS server on your network.


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