[Juser] Google Jabber servers

Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 11:25:52 CDT 2005

We can help you off-list.  See the forum or development mailing list
here: http://psi.affinix.com.  Also be sure to go to the wiki there
are more screenshots.


On 8/26/05, harm ybing <harm-ybing at hetnet.nl> wrote:
> Op vrijdag 26 augustus 2005 17:01, schreef Michael Vang:
> I like to make an account and the page ask me to click the psi symbol in he
> bottom left corner, but there is no any symbol in the bottom left so what's
> left?  there is an example in the right corner but thats just a picture

Psi webmaster (http://psi-im.org)
im:hal at jabber.rocks.cc

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