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Williams, Kevin C kevin.c.williams3 at boeing.com
Wed Aug 31 12:44:48 CDT 2005

"automated bots registration" could you explain?  I'm still trying to grasp the federation concept.


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Selon Erik Kristensen <erikkri at gmail.com>:

> Did anyone running an open jabber server try to email federation at google.com
> to ask for interoperability?
> And if so, have they gotten any answer?

Looks like you have an official answer from Google now. A guy of the GT team
posted on the jdev list to say they will support open federation and the
developer page of GT was updated to confirm that.
Here is a nice blog with most links of interest :

However, it will most likely take months before open federation is effective. So
just be patient and if you are a server admin, you should use this time to think
of ways to prevent automated bots registration.


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