[Juser] Jabber client fro mobile phone

Maxim Ryazanov ryazanov at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 22:28:29 CST 2005

On Friday, 2 Dec 2005 00:10 [+0300], Makurin Roman wrote:

MR> I have Nokia 6021 and want to use jabber on it ? Is there any suitable
MR> jabber client ?

My recommendation would be Bombus, especially if you are using
ad-hoc-controlled transports (e.g. rss.jabber.ru)


For Nokia 6021 you should download MIDP-2.0 versions, and you may
start right with the current beta, it is pretty stable.

Also feel free to join the bombus community and ask for support at
xmpp:bombus at conference.jabber.ru ;-)

/ xmpp:slipstream at jabber.ru

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