[Juser] Problem with Jabber on Windows XP

Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 11:18:56 CST 2005

On 12/7/05, Tony D. Koehn <tkoehn at pixius.com> wrote:
> I have one workstations that we have Jabber Client installed.
> When trying to run the client this error shows up:
> Couldn't find key HKLM/Software/Jabber/Messenger. Access Denied!
> This is working on other XP workstations.  This is the first machine we have
> setup using Windows Profiles.

Sounds like the user doesn't have write access to that registry key. 
I would research the permissions and groups your users are in, and
think of the best way to increase them while maintaining security. 
I'm sure that putting the user in the admin group would fix the
symptom--but not the underlying problem.

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