[Juser] Interconnection issues and jabber.org usage.

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Sat Feb 19 19:03:21 CST 2005

>> I have just taken to recommending to people that they don't
>> use jabber.org - which is a bit sad since it is Jabber's
>> flagship server in most peoples eyes.  But when S2S
>> connections only work 20% of the time at best, it's
>> really not worth considering as a production server.
> Although I agree the interconnection problem needs to be
> solved, I don't agree entirely with your reasoning.
> People should always connect to a server near to them.

I don't agree entirely with your reasoning here either.  I'm not
advocating everyone outside the USA uses jabber.org.  In fact I was
suggesting people migrate away from it.

There is a problem with this however. Are you saying that people who are
currently using jabber.org as their server (and presumably have people on
their contact list who are also on jabber.org) should migrate to other
servers which can't connect to jabber.org?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for that as I generally don't have any issue
connecting with people on other servers (currently the 12 people on my
roster who are on jabber.org have little crosses and "Server connect
timeout" messages next to their names) but

There seems to be only three ways of solving this problem:

1) Fix jabber.org (preferred option)
2) Consider jabber.org a development server and migrate all production
accounts off onto a server that works correctly (flippantly advocated
3) Migrate every jabber user in the world onto jabber.org (obviously

> I know of a lot of people outside of the USA that use the
> jabber.org server, and this is really silly. Jabber was
> designed with a distributed server network, and should
> be used as such. Why should a message going from me in
> the Netherlands to someone in germany go via the USA?

Simple economics.  Because of the brilliant way international traffic
charges are structured, bandwidth is much more expensive here in Australia
than in the US.  This translates into much cheaper hosting in the US,
which is where my jabber/mail/web servers are located, and where they will
stay until this changes.


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