[Juser] Interconnection issues and jabber.org usage.

Nick Parker nickp at bu.edu
Sat Feb 19 22:53:28 CST 2005

Michael Brown wrote:
>>>I have just taken to recommending to people that they don't
>>>use jabber.org - which is a bit sad since it is Jabber's
>>>flagship server in most peoples eyes.  But when S2S
>>>connections only work 20% of the time at best, it's
>>>really not worth considering as a production server.
>>Although I agree the interconnection problem needs to be
>>solved, I don't agree entirely with your reasoning.
>>People should always connect to a server near to them.
> I don't agree entirely with your reasoning here either.  I'm not
> advocating everyone outside the USA uses jabber.org.  In fact I was
> suggesting people migrate away from it.
> There is a problem with this however. Are you saying that people who are
> currently using jabber.org as their server (and presumably have people on
> their contact list who are also on jabber.org) should migrate to other
> servers which can't connect to jabber.org?
> Don't get me wrong, I'm all for that as I generally don't have any issue
> connecting with people on other servers (currently the 12 people on my
> roster who are on jabber.org have little crosses and "Server connect
> timeout" messages next to their names) but
> There seems to be only three ways of solving this problem:
> 1) Fix jabber.org (preferred option)
> 2) Consider jabber.org a development server and migrate all production
> accounts off onto a server that works correctly (flippantly advocated
> above)
> 3) Migrate every jabber user in the world onto jabber.org (obviously
> impractical)
>>I know of a lot of people outside of the USA that use the
>>jabber.org server, and this is really silly. Jabber was
>>designed with a distributed server network, and should
>>be used as such. Why should a message going from me in
>>the Netherlands to someone in germany go via the USA?
> Simple economics.  Because of the brilliant way international traffic
> charges are structured, bandwidth is much more expensive here in Australia
> than in the US.  This translates into much cheaper hosting in the US,
> which is where my jabber/mail/web servers are located, and where they will
> stay until this changes.
> Michael.
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How easy is it currently for a user to do such a move? Is there some way 
of setting up a "vacation message" on an existing account to tell people 
that you've moved elsewhere? What about export/import of contact 

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