[Juser] jabber.org down?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Feb 23 11:31:45 CST 2005

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 04:13:47PM +0100, Erik Kristensen wrote:
> Am I the only one having trouble connecting to the jabber.org server?
> The server has hardly been any usable for me the last weeks, if not
> longer, I'm not sure exactly how long.

Yes, we have been experiencing trouble ever since we moved the
jabber.org server to a new machine a few weeks ago. We're working 
to debug the problems but it's not yet clear exactly what is going on.

> I am keeping up to date with the latest version of gaim for fedora core 3
> which currently is 1.1.3.

It's not the fault of any clients.

> Kind of sad this server is down, since it's kind of the "posterchild" for
> jabber, since it's the one (I think) most people are using.

Well, there are plenty of other servers and I don't think most of the
10+ million Jabber users are registered with jabber.org -- we have only
about 200,000 registered users. But jabber.org is a very popular node on 
the network and we want to get these problems fixed as soon as possible.


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