[Juser] multi-user client on NT4

commedo commedo at portal.ebdesk.com
Tue Jan 25 19:33:27 CST 2005

You should try gaim (http://gaim.sf.net). Multi-account and multi-protocol
can be online simultaneously. I'm using this one.


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> Houdi,
> does anyone know a good multi-user client on NT4
> (eg trillian did the trick in the past (by starting multiple 
> instances), but version 3 doenst run on NT4,
> miranda is single user, and so on).
> eg:
> one user logged in NT4, an two or more jabber-user (who are 
> in real live different persons) logged in via a client(s).
> suggestions for the client(s)?
> tnx,

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