[Juser] RV: Delete User from Server

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Thu Mar 17 17:55:09 CST 2005

Hi Gustavo!

Gustavo A. Blanco schrieb am 2005-03-17 16:51:47:
> One of the administradors of my Jabber Server happend to delete the .xml
> file for a user from the spool Directory.
> If I try to create that account again , I get an error message saying that
> “that account name is not available”.
> How can I drop tahat user in order to create it again ????

Probably the existence of this user is still cached either in the
session manager or in the xdb backend.

If you have configured xdb_file to cache forever you might have to
restart the server. You can also try to send a message to this account
and see what hapens ... from the server forgetting the account to
recreating the xdb file, I'd now what it will do, would have to look at
the code.

Tot kijk
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