[Juser] Re: Which Jabber Client Support Http-Binding??

Tony Cheung tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Wed Mar 23 00:24:46 CST 2005

I would like to raise this old issue again.

What's the latest status of server/client implementations of 
Http-Binding? Have we solved the issue of using HTTP Proxy with Jabber?


Tony Cheung

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> In article <526f53c80409232110f992588 at mail.gmail.com>,
>  bagas santoso <bagas199 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Which Jabber Client Support Http-Binding? and Which Support Http-Polling?
> Currently there is no open-source implementation of HTTP Binding 
> (JEP-0124) on the server side; because of this, it seems that there are 
> no client implementations. The situation is not much better with 
> JEP-0025 but at least there is an open-source server implementation that 
> works with jabberd 1.4.3. We need some more coders in this area. Well, 
> we need more coders in general...
> Peter

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