[Juser] *PING*

Natasha Live jabber.develop at ntlworld.com
Tue May 3 12:45:37 CDT 2005

mark wrote:

> I meant that the other list was for administering the servers.  This 
> one is for the client and user stuff. The gateway services like on 
> jabber.org.uk are transports running on a jabber server.  Is that what 
> you're interested in?  -Mark

I'm interested in both the admin, development and use of the Jabber 
system, this is why i've subscribed to all the lists.
Now whilst I can setup a server and write special limited use clients 
using XMPP for communication, I am sadly lacking in my knowledge of the 
day to day usage of the network.

Things like Gateway, and various other bits'n'bobs, well the actual 
usage of them is confusing. It may just be my choice of client of course 
:) Currently, Gaim.


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