Re: [Juser] stable public jabber server?

ks333 at ks333 at
Sat May 14 06:09:34 CDT 2005


I have problem witch my jabber in BeOS.
I don't connect. Why ?
Please answare fo my question.

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Data: Thu, 12 May 2005 18:03:07 +0200
Temat: Re: [Juser] stable public jabber server?

> On 5/12/05, Gábor Farkas &lt;gabor at; wrote:
> hi gabor,
> i had the same reasons like you switching from
> there are alot of nice server you could is pretty popular.
> &gt; - one that talks fine to the other jabber servers...
> &gt;         - in the past i had some problems with talking to
> &gt; (i'm not saying that it was's fault btw)
> lately i discover alot of S2S on and
> the S2S works to like almost all servers....except pretty often not to
> thats pretty annoying cause then i need to have two jabber
> accounts open all the time :(
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