[Juser] problem adding contacts

Rosemary L Roberts rosemary at freed-om.net
Tue Sep 13 14:53:44 CDT 2005


I use Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and I just set up Jabber (through iChat) so  
that I can talk to friends who use MSN. I followed the instructions  
on http://allforces.com/2005/05/06/ichat-to-msn-through-jabber/  
exactly (at least I think I did) and everything seems to work well  
except I can't add my friends to my contact list.

For example, my friend is username at hotmail.com, so I added her in as  
username%hotmail.com at msn.freenet.de (jabber.freenet.de is one of the  
servers that was recommended on the above information site, and the  
one that I signed up through).

Under her name in my contact list it says  "waiting for  
authorization") but she has not been notified. Furthermore, if I try  
to send her a message, I get this error: "unable to resolve hostname"

Can anybody help me out with this? I went back over the instructions,  
as well as looking at other instruction pages, but it's hard to find  
a site that deals with this particular issue. If anybody has any  
ideas, I would be very greatfull.

Thank you!

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