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Alain Delfin inf200507 at finf.ucf.edu.cu
Sun Apr 2 13:03:11 CDT 2006

hi Paul Johnson  the transport name is jabber-msn_1.2.1-1, we think but we're not sure, that the problem is the port, maybe its blocked over here, too bad for us, almost all the universities here has a jabber transport, we have one, in cienguegos'  university, and aim, msn, and yahoo works without any problem, but no one here in cuba, had resolved the msn problem, if any one of u could help me please, thanks

Alain Delfin Perera
Universidad de Cienfuegos
e-mail: inf200507 at finf.ucf.edu.cu
JID: alaindp at jabber.ucf.edu.cu

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